How to think like a Journalist: Above the Cut II

Last time, I spoke of how certain news stories appear above the fold of other stories.

Having a news story strategically placed as the lead story of a news site, a newspaper, or a magazine can either make someone or break someone.

Following these tips to guide your strategy for appearing above the fold will get you maximum exposure.

Develop a positive relationship with the editor and any journalist covering your particular beat, whether it’s healthcare, business, government, or education or anything that advances your cause or concern.

Have a spokesperson out front to answer any questions a journalist may ask. Remember news people are often rushed when it comes to their deadlines.

Send out news releases and follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road inquiring where and when they plan to publish it and it will lead you to the land of Oz.

Timing is important. If it is a slow news day when editors must fill up their pages, say the Holidays for instance when things are a snails pace for news (not shopping mind you), this may be a time to plug in your particular story.

These are some of the tips to use in your marketing toolkit.

More to follow as we finish our discussion of Above the Cut for those who want to avoid the spotlight or mitigate the effects of bad publicity. Stay tuned next Monday Dec. 24.

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